Terms & Conditions

By using any of the company services, You are accepting and agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned below:

0- Notes:

  • The company reserves its full right to change, alter or update these terms and conditions at any time; you are obliged to automatically commit these changes, alterations, or updates, instantly.
  • The company retains its right to change and alter the prices, at any time.

1 – General Conditions:

  • In case the company’s services stop at any time and for any reason, the company is not obligated to compensate the client with any additional periods or any additional amounts.
  • The company reserves its right to stop providing the service, according to the work conditions.
  • In case of any emergency or force majeure, an additional period shall be added to the previously agreed period.
  • The company has the right to take all the required procedures against accounts that violates the contents of these terms and conditions.
  • The company owns the right to monitor the client’s account in order to ensure that the workflow is carried out according to the company’s policy.
  • All data for the required service is provided by the client through the technical support system.

2- Domains:

  • A previously reserved domain cannot be canceled or changed to another domain.
  • The client commits to paying the expenses of the domain before commencing the reservation process.
  • The company notifies the client before the end of the specified domain by 30 days. In case of not renewing it, the client is to be held responsible for losing the domain or for the fine needed to renew it.
  • The fine for not renewing the domain after a period of two weeks from the end date is a sum of 20 BHD, and the restoration and relaunch period after renewing it is between 24 and 72 hours. The company is not to be held responsible for losing the domain, having it occupied, or for rising the prices after two weeks of its end without being renewed.

3- Hosting:

  • The hosting period commences from the moment of creating the site for the first time and ends according to the specified period in the hosting plan agreement, taking into consideration that a whole year is made up of 365 days.
  • The company grantees a stability that reaches 99.5% for its services.
  • The client is allowed to ask for his\her server’s data at any time.
  • The client is committed to refraining from effecting or overusing the server’s resources in way which may adversely affect the servers of the company.
  • In case of the bandwidth specified for the site or for the client’s account ends, the site will automatically be shut down till the beginning of the following month. However, if the client desires to reopen the site before that, then the client is committed to pay a sum of:
    50 BHD in order for him\her to be able to reopen the site until the beginning of the following month, and for one month only. Alternatively, the client can upgrade to a higher data exchange plan. In this case, the client is obliged to check the amount of the monthly data transfer using his\her website’s dashboard.

4 – Websites and Applications Development:

  • The client pledges not to distribute work, whether it is for free or not.
  • The client cannot remove the company’s rights from the programming, the design, the application, the website, or from any service provided by the company. If that happens, the service shall be immediately terminated, and a fine of no less than 300 BHD shall be enforced.
  • If the client is late for handing in the all the required data to finish his\her website or application, a new date shall be set to hand in the service by the company.
  • The required service shall commence operating by the client; that is, after acquiring all of the required data through the technical support system of the company, in the agreed date.

5- Backups and Technical Support:

  • The company is not to be held responsible for losing data for any reason.
  • The client is mainly responsible for the backup process of his\her own account. The client is obligated to take all the steps and safety measures to ensure a safe backup of his\her own website.
  • The company guarantees backups of the clients’ accounts in a regular daily or monthly backup system for a fee.
  • The client is responsible for the internal technical support of his\her own website for as long as he\she does not acquire this paid service from the company.
  • The company offers free technical services concerning the servers only; the technical support does not include the bugs arising from the user utilizing his\her account or website. The company offers technical support for websites according to paid plans demonstrated in its official website.
  • To acquire the technical support, the client is able to open a ticket in the ‘client’s’ dashboard’ or by immediate messaging through the ‘immediate messaging system in the company’s website.’
  • The client is not allowed to demand technical support if his\her account is suspended or shut down because of late payments or any other reason.
  • The company shall do what it can to provide technical support for its clients; however, this does not compel the company to solve all bugs (if they exist), and the client does not own the right to demand a compensation. On the other hand, the company pledges to perform what it can to solve all bugs, as fast as possible.
  • The company renounces its responsibility in case of any bug or loss of the backup copy.
  • If the client is signed up for one of the company’s backup plans, he\she is allowed to ask for a backup copy of his\her website at any time, and the company will hand it in to the client after confirming that there are no violations or unpaid bills by the client.
  • In case the immediate messaging technical support is not available in the website, a ticket can be opened in the client’s area; alternatively, the company can be called during the work hours only.

Payments, Subscriptions, and Renewal:

  • The client is not allowed to demand refunding the payed amount after the first payment process.
  • The company guarantees to the client’s right to refund his\her payed amount in case the deliverance is delayed a period exceeding 60 days after the agreed date; they would be counted after consuming the preset grace period, and in case there was no delay by the client in providing the previously agreed data.
  • The company delivers the service to the client after confirming him\her paying all of the required payments.
  • The company guarantees delivering the work files (if they exist) to the client after paying all of his\her payments.
  • The client ensures that he\she shall pay expenses of renewing the service before the set date before by period of no less than 72 hours in order to ensure not suspending the service.
  • The services trial periods are unavailable, and are replaced with befitting monthly payment plans.
  • The client shall be contacted before the renewal date by an appropriate period through messages and E-mails.
  • The company provides different plans with various payment systems in order to comprehend all the needs of clients. The company guarantees itself the right to provide offers and discounts, according to what it sees befitting.
  • The company has the right to keep any prepaid amounts for any canceled service.
  • In case the contracts’ period ends and was not renewed, the client has no right: to demand the company with a copy of the website or the data existing on the hosting; to relaunch the website; or to demand any financial or emotional compensation.
  • Before the company commences programing or designing the required website, the client is required to commit to paying a percentage of 60% of the agreed work price, pledging to commit to paying the remaining of the work price immediately after finishing work, before uploading the website to the internet.
  • In case the client’s subscription ends, he\she shall be informed by the company’s automatic reminding system. In case of not paying the required amount in the specified date, the service shall be suspended, and if the client demands to relaunch the service after it ends, a fine of 30 BHD shall be paid.
  • Extra expenses shall be applied if new adds or modifications are demanded after delivering the final project.

7- Disclaimer:

  • The company is not responsible for any damage that may happen to the client. The company does not provide any guarantees of any sort for any provided service; thus, it disclaims its liability for any damage, delay, or suspension, whether it is done by the company or its partners.
  • Any legal disputes that may occur because of publishing any content on the client’s website, the website owner alone is to be held responsible. The company is liable in any way for that, as the company provides the website owner full control of the website through his\her own dashboard.
  • The client holds the responsibility of protecting his\her account, and he\she holds full responsibility of all activities which happens in that account.
  • The company guarantees maintaining the client’s data private and not revealing it to any other party, except after acquiring a legal document demonstrating the violation that the client has committed on his\her account, which requires legal measures to be taken against it.
  • The company guarantees itself the right to follow the methods and to take legal and chastising measures it sees befitting when the company or one of its employees are abused verbally or in writing.